2024 Men’s Golf Association Tournaments

The Men’s Golf Association Board is pleased to announce that Registration for the 2024 Men’s Golf Association is NOW OPEN! 


Registration for the 2024 Men’s Golf Association @ Tiffany Greens IS OPEN! Registration is open to ANY PERSON who wants to golf at Tiffany Greens is $70 and includes tons of benefits!  

2024 GHIN / WHS FEE ($45 Value)

All 2023 GHIN Handicaps @ Tiffany Greens will be DEACTIVATED ON JANUARY 31ST!

Joining the 2024 MGA will keep your GHIN ACTIVE!

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to events that SOLD OUT in 2023 including:

Spring Men’s League (Late February Registration)

Two-Man Tip-Off (2-Person Big Cup Scramble)

The Stagecoach


Men’s Golf Association Members receive a $20 Discount on all Events & $30 Discount on Men’s League vs. Non-MGA Members!


Information Needed to Register:

  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • Cell Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • GHIN #
  • Need to Create a GHIN #?
  • Enter “12345” in the GHIN # Blank
  • How to Find Your GHIN #?
  • Go to the GHIN App
  • In the Upper Left Hand Corner below Your Name is your GHIN #
  • Address
  • Tiffany Greens Member Status
  • Primary Tee Box Played
  • Secondary Tee Box Played

Questions about joining the 2024 Men’s Golf Association? E-Mail the Men’s Golf Association (mga@tiffanygreensgolf.com) or reach out to any Board Member! 


Click here to view the 2024 tournament calendar.

The Tiffany Greens Men’s Golf Association exists to expand and enhance the golfing experience at Tiffany Greens. The MGA:

– Plans, promotes and executes MGA-sponsored golf events and tournaments

– Encourages and promotes member input into all aspects of MGA events

– Fosters good sportsmanship, proper etiquette and an equal playing field for players of all skill levels

– Establishes policies and rules that will be applied to all members in compliance with the United States Golf Association, Missouri Golf Association, Central Links Golf, and the World Handicap System.

– Provides transparency on all aspects of the Men’s Golf Association. 

The Tiffany Greens MGA Board

  • President: Ryan Burchett, 816-309-2552
  • Vice President & Communication/Technology: Nick Bromberg
  • Secretary: Alex Thode
  • Treasurer: Sam Carnes

Board Members

  • Social Committee Chair: Tracy Mangels & Michael Poppa
  • Membership Committee Chair: Joe Trueblood
  • Scoring/Competition Committee Chair: Randy Eilers
  • Tournament Committee Chair: Ron Lentz, Spencer Osborn & Gordon Thiesfeld

We encourage members to make suggestions to improve the Men’s Golf Association. Please contact any officer or board member or just leave a note at the Pro Shop.


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