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  1. The Applicant hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Tiffany Greens Golf Club Information Statement with all exhibits thereto (the “Information Statement”); and agrees to be bound as a Club member by all of the respective terms and conditions of those documents.
  2. The applicant acknowledges that he/she has not relied upon statements, oral or written, with respect to club membership other than statements contained in the By-Laws.
  3. The Applicant represents that he / she has full capacity and authority to make this application and to subscribe for the annual Club membership and will comply with all rules, duties and obligations attendant to Club membership.
  4. In the event the Applicant is not approved for membership, the full amount submitted with this application shall be promptly refunded, without interest.
  5. The Applicant acknowledges that the term of this agreement shall be from the date of application through 12 full months and agrees to be responsible for payment of all dues and charges incurred during the term of membership.
  6. Cancellation request of this agreement must be received in writing 30 days prior to cancellation date and must be approved by management. Management reserves the right to deny any cancellation request.

* Rates are subject to change.


BASIC PLAN  $900 + tax
MULTI ROUND PLAN (includes annual fee)
25 round card $1875 + tax (includes membership/basic fee of $900)
40 round card $2400 + tax (includes membership/basic fee of $900)
Individual (includes annual fee) $2800 + tax or $262 / month + tax for 12 months
Couple (includes annual fee) $3700 + tax or $ 338 / month + tax for 12 months
Family (includes annual fee) $4600 + tax or $412 / month + tax for 12 months

Application For Individual Annual Membership

Contact Kyle Hurst, General Manager, with this completed form & payment information.; (816) 880-9600 x.223; or come by the course.